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What is the Gathering?

Dramatic increases in the world’s population, and equally dramatic increases in our consumption of the planet’s resources, have resulted in the world now being on an unsustainable course

This calls for a fundamental re-imagining of humankind's relationship to the earth
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Information of the Gathering


About the Gathering


A Groundbreaking Global Gathering

The Beyond Sustainability initiative is committed to supporting the emergence of a new generation of humanity with the capacity to envision and introduce new, sustainable systems. The initiative is based on the premise that humanity needs to move beyond practices that merely do no more harm. We believe that something more fundamental needs to take place… a re-imagining of our relationship with the Earth… a re-imagining of what prosperity can look like while not destroying that which is needed to support future generations. We are seeking fresh thinking and concrete actions to bring this about as rapidly as possible. . . . read more


The intention behind the Beyond Sustainability initiative is to create "a community of leadership, on a platform of reverence". We believe that the fundamental shift in the values and behaviors that is needed to address the sustainability crisis over the near and long term must come from that place of reverence. To be successful, we believe that three conditions must be in place: . . . read more


Questions the Initiative will Address

  • If the belief structure of society is to evolve from where it stands now towards true sustainability, what has been missing from the dialogue?
  • What is needed for a new consciousness leading to sustainability to be born, establish roots, and result in transformation?
  • What is possible when we operate out of a "platform of reverence?"
  • If we "got it right," what would it look like in 2030?
  • What are the practices we need to carry forward in this work?
  • Since the past notions of growth and prosperity are overwhelming the planets capacity to support seven billion people, what new notions of prosperity and growth need to emerge?


We Are Not Alone


The Beyond Sustainability initiative seeks to consciously and deliberately initiate these conversations, and we do so understanding that this is a learning journey, that no outcomes are certain, that we will have to practice both sharing our most deeply held knowledge and stories, AND letting go of some of the truths we hold to be basic. If we envision a world in which leadership acts with a reverential mindset, where decisions are made out of a worldview of interdependence and malama, we must start finding our way now. We are deeply informed by the urgency of this task, but at the same time we know that a different concept of time is at work here; we are working in what many indigenous Elders refer to as "seventh-generation thinking" and what Stuart Brand calls "the long now." . . . read more


The Deep Challange of the Invitation

During the gathering we will be challenged:

  • To work together to produce a clear set of new values for humanity.
  • To find partners to help convene follow up gatherings in specific areas and domains of practice to initiate actions that will bring those values into being in the larger society.
  • To connect to one another in curiosity and possibility. We strongly believe your new partners will be in the room, and that a strong connection with them will accelerate our work together.
  • To explore what it takes for each of us personally to move closer to operating from malama in contexts in which this worldview is seen as strange, ineffective or inappropriate.
  • To start something new, creative and influential. This is an opportunity to initiate a sustained effort to change values with people from a diversity of contexts. For those of us driving this initiative and calling this gathering, it represents our best effort to call together people who can really do this work. It will require letting go of work that no longer serves, gifting the effort from those projects to whatever new projects emerge from this one. . . . read more


The Beyond Sustainability Gathering in June, 2010


Our gathering in Hawaii this June begins and initiates this new conversation. There we will meet in the gaze of Kilauea, on land that is being birthed as we speak, to make sense of what this new direction will look like. We will talk to one another, meet deeply, spend time on and with the land, tell story and hopefully be changed by the stories we hear. We will also plan together, experiment with the questions that arise, and see what it is like to carry them out into our networks of partners and friends who are also engaged in this work. This gathering of sixty people represents a gathering of pioneers who are little known to one another but who are connected to powerful currents in American life. We share a sense of reality and possibility, of needing each other to take our work in the world to the next level, and extending the vision that we cultivate together to worlds that may not be ready to hear it. . . . read more


Concrete Outcomes

  • The articulation of a vision of what American society would look like in 30 years if we "got it right."
  • A clear collective statement about the underlying values that humanity should embrace to bring such a world into being, especially values that are informed by and supported within indigenous concepts of interrelatedness.
  • A clear individual sense of what needs to shift in the world and what actions can be taken to bring this emerging values set into being.
  • Individual commitments to work in the months following the gathering, in partnership with others who come to Hawaii, to convene other gatherings to discuss the results of this work with influential people and engage in tactical discussions about accelerating this values shift with common practices, principles, beliefs and tools.
  • An expectation that work undertaken subsequent to the gathering will be shared so our work as a community of leadership on a platform of reverence can grow, inform other efforts and build momentum.
  • Materials for the Beyond Sustainability website that will enable others around the world to engage in dialogue and take actions to bring about sustainable practices.
  • An articulation of practical next steps leading to a major Beyond Sustainability gathering in 2012.

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Why the Gathering is being Held at the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park


Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai'i's only World Heritage site, sits along side the active and eminent power of Halemaumau crater, at the summit of Kilauea Volcano, the final resting place of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, and the navel of the world Ka Piko o ka Honua – where the gods began creation. If the earth has been talking back and we have not been listening, we will be very conscious of the natural world during the Gathering. And, we are privileged to be hosted by native Hawaiian people who have much traditional knowledge to share. Hawaii was also chosen because it is more accessible to travelers from around the world than Bali, the site of the first two "Quest for Global Healing" gatherings in 2004 and 2006. . . . read more