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What is the Gathering?

Dramatic increases in the world’s population, and equally dramatic increases in our consumption of the planet’s resources, have resulted in the world now being on an unsustainable course

This calls for a fundamental re-imagining of humankind's relationship to the earth
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Information of the Gathering


The June 2010 Schedule in Brief

Hawaiian Dance

Monday, June 21

Arrive into Hilo, Hawai‘i airport by the evening, transportation to Hawai‘I Volcanoes National Park from the airport. Evening orientation about the environment you are entering and information about our next days together.

Tuesday, June 22

Mid-morning ceremonies, joined by Hawaiian kupuna for a day of dialogue, conversations that matter, and personal insights.

Wednesday, June 23

Explore what “Building a community of leadership on a platform of reverence” might look like. Explore specific questions in small-group formats.

Thursday, June 24

Reporting out by each small group about the shift in values called for and the actions needed by the various “communities of practice", such as governments, businesses and individuals to address the sustainability crisis. Huaka‘i, field trip to a Native koaforest for planting and talk story. Pa‘ina to follow.

Friday, June 25

Final gathering and sharing. Closing Ceremony at noon.