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What is the Gathering?

Dramatic increases in the world’s population, and equally dramatic increases in our consumption of the planet’s resources, have resulted in the world now being on an unsustainable course

This calls for a fundamental re-imagining of humankind's relationship to the earth
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Information of the Gathering


Previous Gatherings

Bali 2The Beyond Sustainability gathering is a follow–on to two previous Quest for Global Healing gatherings that took place in Ubud, Bali in 2004 and 2006. Over 1,000 participants from 40 countries, including three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, participated in those gatherings. They sought to inspire and support individuals to take actions to deal with the interrelated challenges of extreme poverty, social justice and environmental sustainability. (See


The Beyond Sustainability initiative is also building upon the results of two recent initiatives that were also focused on introducing values that will enable humankind to live in greater harmony with the earth and with each other. The first of these is the Earth Charter, a world wide collaborative effort "To establish a sound ethical foundation for the emerging global society and to help build a sustainable world based on respect for nature, diversity, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace." (See The second is the work undertaken during the 2007 conference in Aspen, Colorado organized by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies entitled "Toward a New Consciousness: Creating a Society in Harmony with Nature". (See