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Partners in the Shift

Sacred Fire Foundation
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Attitudinal Healing International
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Pua Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele Native Hawaiian Practitioner
Juanita Brown Juanita Brown co-founder, World Café
Chris CorriganChris Corrigan facilitator, process designer
Tim MerryTim Merry facilitator, social entrepreneur and slam poet
David HopkinsDavid Hopkins co-chair, young leaders
Wilford WelchWilford Welch co-founder, Quest for Global Healing, author, The Tactics of Hope
Barry Lopez Barry Lopez author
Belvie RooksBelvie Rooks Educator, Growing A Global Heart Co-Founder
Davis HammonDavis Hammon Designer, Rising Tiger Media
Suan O'ConnorSusan O’Connor co-founder, Ala Kukui Retreat Center, Hana, Hawai'i
Nancy LindborgNancy Lindborg President, Mercy Corps
Greg ChunGreg Chun President, Bishop Holdings Corporation, Hawai'i
David MarsingDavid Marsing formerly, Intel executive, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Mary Evelyn TuckerMary Evelyn Tucker co-director, Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University
LuanaLuana Busby-Neff Hawaiian Cultural Coordinator
Darcy WinslowDarcy Winslow former Nike executive, Founders Designs for a Sustainable World
Cindy OrlandoCindy Orlando superintendent, Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
Toby McLeodToby McLeod Director, Sacred Land Film Project and In the Light of Reverence
Kenny AusubelKenny Ausubel co-founder, Bioneers
Will RogersWill Rogers President, Trust for Public Land
Lynne TwistLynne Twist co-founder, Pachamama Alliance
Melinda KrammerMelinda Krammer co-chair, young leaders
founder, Women’s Earth Alliance

Beyond Sustainability


About the Gathering in June of 2010

Gears Humanity is on an unsustainable course of growth and material acquisition that will result in our children and grandchildren inheriting a planet unable to nurture their dreams and support their lives. We need to move beyond sustainability, beyond practices that merely do no more harm. We need to foster a culture of leadership that emanates from a sense of deep reverence for the natural world. We believe that something more fundamental needs to take place . . . a re-imagining of our relationship with the Earth.
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